Educational Webinars for Consumers
on Health Care Costs and Cost Containment
The Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO), Tufts University School of Medicine, and Tufts Health Care Institute are jointly organizing and presenting a series of educational webinars for consumers on health care cost containment. This project has been developed with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

This series of webinars will address health care cost containment, provider payment reform, and related issues. The overall goal is to educate consumers about the health care system and strategies for improvement so that consumers can develop an informed voice and participate confidently in discussions of health care cost control with public and private stakeholders. The webinars are designed initially for members of GBIO, with a focus on Massachusetts. The webinars are also available to other consumers in Massachusetts and in other states, who face similar challenges in controlling health care costs.

Each webinar will be presented as a live online event, which will be recorded and archived on this site for other learners. The schedule for developing the complete set of six modules extends from fall 2011 through fall 2014. The webinars feature an audio presentation by the faculty, accompanied by slides. Reference materials related to each webinar are also available for download.
First-time and returning learners need to register, whether for a live event or an archived webinar. Enter your email address and name. If you registered previously, your contact and profile information will re-appear. Follow the instructions to either join a live webinar or view an archived session. After viewing a webinar, learners are directed to a brief survey to evaluate the educational activity and to offer opinions on issues raised in the webinar.

Returning learners will see a record of the webinars they have viewed and those that are available at that time. They are welcome to view a webinar more than once.
  • Define “value” in health care.
  • Identify the roles of consumers in helping to attain value in our health care system.
  • • Explain the provisions of the Massachusetts cost containment law regarding consumer engagement in health care.
  • Discuss the levels of activity for consumer involvement
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